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تم ترقية الطالب حافظ حرير من الصف الثامن 4 إلى درجة مشرف تهانينا له و تمنياتنا بالتوفيق في منصبه الجديد

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    Grade 8

    Read the following passage, and then answer the questions below:
    Norwalk virus is called the “winter virus” because it is common in winter. You can get it from shellfish. But the virus can also pass from a person to fresh vegetables. A cook with dirty hands can cause an outbreak. In an outbreak, hundreds or even thousands of people get ill at the same time. Outbreaks usually occur in hospitals, hotels or schools.
    The virus is named after the town of Norwalk, in the northern USA. In 1968, more half the students and teachers at the primary school became ill. Scientists found the cause after four years. Now many different viruses in food are called Norwalk, Norwalk-like or Noroviruses.
    If you cook shellfish properly, you will kill the virus. If you wash your hands before cooking, you will not pass the virus on. People usually become ill within 48 hours. The symptoms last for two or three days. The illness is not fatal People recover with no long term problems.
    A- Complete the following sentences with the correct answer:
    1- The text is about------------------------
    a)virus b) hospitals c- food d- doctors
    2- Norwalk virus is common in ---------------
    a) Winter b- Summer c- Spring d- Autumn
    3- Norwalk usually appears in-------------------------- food
    a) shellfish b) - frozen c)- fats d)- carbohydrates
    4- If you cook shellfish properly, you will the---------------------- virus.
    a) pass b) kill c) cure d) find
    B- What do the underlined words in the passage mean?
    1 -The word (dirty) line 2 means---------------------
    a- clean b- not clean c- pure d- good
    2 -The word (occur) line 4 means----------------------
    a- happen b- recover c- finish d- start
    3 - How long do the symptoms of the illness last?
    a-one day b- two or three days c- five days d- four days
    4 -Where was first the virus discovered?
    a-USA b- Canada c-UK d- UAE
    Read the following passage then answer the questions below:
    Faisal was born in 1905. He was the third son of Abdulaziz Bin Saud. His father was called lbn Saud by most people. He was the first king of Saudi Arabia.
    Faisal’s mother, Tarfà died when he was young. He lived in the house of his mother’s father; he taught Faisal the Holy Qumran
    In 1981, at the age of 13, Faisal became a soldier. Five years later, he was commander of the army in Asir province. In 1926 he became governor of Hijaz. This area has the city of Makkah. In 1932 he became minister of Foreign Affairs and in 1958 he was prime minister. Faisal became king on November 2’ , 1964 Faisal introduced many changes to the country, including schools for girls.
    Faisal had 44 sons. In 1975 Faisal was killed at the age of 70.
    B) Fill in the missing information in the following table
    Name Faisal
    Birth ----------------------
    Died ----------------------
    Mother ------------------------

    B) Mark the following sentences (TRUE) or (FALSE)
    1-Ibn Saud was the first king of Saudi Arabia ( )
    2-Faisal was prime minister in 1975 ( )
    3-In 1962 Faisal became governor of Asir province. ( )
    C) Choose the correct answer from a ,b , c or d to complete the statements.
    1-At the age of 13 Faisal became ----------------------------
    a-king b- minister c- governor d- soldier
    2-Faisal was first prime minister at the age of
    a) 58 b- 53 c) 64 d) 75
    3-- Faisal’s ----------------------name was Tarfa.
    a) father b) son c) mother c) sister

    1- I -------------- in 1971 in Abu Dhabi.
    a- born b- birth c- was born d- was borned
    2- Most students ------------absent yesterday.
    a- are b- were c- was d- have been
    3-Anybody can mend the car, can't ---------?
    a-he b- she c- they d- it
    4- They were flying at about 25 meters when the propeller ------------
    a- break b-broke c- broken d- breaks
    5-How --------------does it take to get to the school?
    a- long b- much c- many d- often
    6- There---------- some rice in the cupboard.
    a- is b- are c- were d- have
    7- ----------------is the wettest month in your country?
    a- who b- which c- what d- where
    8-The month of July -------------about 200mm of rain on average.
    a-has b-is c-was d-have
    9-The story made her--------------
    a- laugh b- laughing c- laughs d-laughed
    10-The late H. H. Shaikh Zayed------------- in 2004.
    a- died b- has died c- dies d-is dying
    B) Re-order to make meaningful sentences:
    I- collect / you / do / stamps / ?
    2- would / like/ what / eat / you/ to?
    3- find / I / documentaries/ interesting
    4 - accident / have/ had/ you / ever / an?
    5- hi s / mother/ John / gave/ mother/ a present

    1) Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentences:
    1- - who is the----------------------------- footballer in the world?
    a- famous b-more famous c- most famous d- famouser
    2- Planes usually -----------------from airports.
    a- take off b- sail c- fly d- drive
    3-The film was very --------------. We all enjoyed watching it.
    a- interested b- interest c- interesting d-interestingly
    4-Are there any more carrots ? Yes, there are-----------------
    a- a few b- much c- little d- a little
    5- 1 usually have ---------------cake in the evening.
    a- few b- a few c- a little d- many
    6- Cars are--------------- than planes.
    a- safer b- safe c- safest d- the safer
    2-Write the words in the correct places
    (bicycles, stamp-collecting, boats, bird watching, motorbikes, gardening ,)
    Form of travel Hobby
    ------------------ ------------------------------
    ----------------------- ------------------------------
    -------------------------- -----------------------------
    A- Add the missing letters:
    I-Diana di__d in 1997.
    2- Najeeb Mahfoz was a famous novel__ st
    3-Ahmad is sitting betw__en Salim and Ali.
    4-I would like a c__p of tea.
    B- Write three sentences about nutrition and health:
    1- ----------------------------------------------------------
    C- Read the notes about the late H. H. Sheikh Zayed. Write a paragraph using these notes.

    Born 1918
    Study The holy Quran and the biography of prophet
    sons 19
    d. 2004
    1971 The UAE was formed under his leadership
    Famous for Bravery, wisdom and generosity
    Achievements Schools hospitals ,roads and housing

    I. Read the following passage. then do as required.
    Habits, good and bad, are all formed in the same way. They are formed and made by repetition. We do something in a special way. We do it again in the same way. We do it more and more in that way. At last, it becomes a habit to do in that way
    Our habits are important. They form our characters. Character is just a bundle of habits not only a single one. Repeated acts form habits; habits make up character; character decides one’s success or failure in life. The thought, and reap the act. "Sow the act, and reap the habit. Sow the habit, and reap the character. Sow the character, and reap your fate.” Exactly like any plant; as you sow, so shall you reap".
    Habits can be good or bad. Good habits form a good character. Bad habits form a bad character. So we must try to form only good habits.

    A. Choose the correct answer from a. b. c or d:
    1- The main idea of the passage above is about ---------------------
    a- . How good characters are formed.
    b. How bad characters are formed.
    C. How to be a failed character.
    D. How habits are formed.
    B. Choose the correct answer from a. b. C or D
    1. Our good or bad habits are formed by-------------------
    a. characters b. repetition c. failure d. success
    2-If a person sows the thought, they will reap the---------------
    a. habit b. character c. mother d. act
    3. According to the passage, good habits form-------------------------- characters
    a. good b. bad c. failed d. boring
    C) What do the underlined word(s) mean?
    1. The word (bundle) in the passage means:
    a. people b. character r c. group d. way
    2-. The word (sow) in the passage above means: to-----------
    a. plant b. fail c. form d. repeat
    Choose the most suitable answers from a.b.c or d::
    1. What must we try to be good people with good characters?
    a. only good habits. b. only bad habits. c. good and bad habits d. nothing
    2- How are habits formed?
    a. by writing b. by repetition. C. by eating d. by playing

    Choose the correct answer from a.b.c or d
    1- The population of Europe------------------------ falling now.
    a. is b. am c. are d. were
    2- --------------- 1870, Charles Dickens died.
    a. on b. in c. at d. for
    3-. Look I That man is eating very-------------
    a. slow b. slowly c. to slow d. slowed
    4-I don’t like --------------------a football match alone
    a. watch b. watches c. watching d. watched
    5- Do you--------------- that all people can swim?
    a. think b. thought c. thinking d. thinks
    6. The woman paid -------------------$ 100 for the painting.
    a. he b. him c. his d. he’s
    7.--------------you speak English? Yes, I do
    a. Do b. does c . Did e. Was
    8. Everybody ------------------------to the cinema at the weekend.
    a. go b. goes. C. going d. to go
    9- The guest gave a present--------------------- the woman.
    a. with b. from c. to d. of
    10-How --------------------glasses of milk do drink every day?
    A) much b. far c. often d . many
    11- How -------------milk do you drink every day?
    A) much b. far c. often d. many
    12- This is my -----------------------book.
    a. father b. father is c. fathers d. father's
    13. Has she given you her CD player? No, she --------------
    a. does b. has c. haven’t d. hasn’t
    14. From time ------------------time, I watch a horror movie.
    a. at b. to c. for d. at
    15- lam going to-------------------- my little brother to swim in the pool.
    a. take b. takes c. is taking d. took
    B. Reorder to make meaningful sentences. Put commas and capital letters if necessary.
    1- . expectancy / still / is / in I Europe I rising / life I.
    2- we I the / museum / visited / yesterday I.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    3- in I Renaissance / the / people I were / most I dead / at /37.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    4- death /the / of/ the ? princess / tragic / was /
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    A. Write the correct missing letters.
    1. Th__ nk you for your help.
    2. Are you marr__ ed?
    3. Congratulati __ns! You are the winner of the day.
    4. In our cult __re, we don’t buy a stone when someone dies.
    B) Write three meaningful sentences about life events (birth, marriage, death) in your culture.
    2- ----------------
    Choose the correct answers from a, b. c or d
    1. My dad my mother when he was 18.
    a. married b. marriage c. marrying d. was married
    2. I am going to invite my friends to a birthday-------------- in our villa.
    a. test b. party c. game d. match
    3. My dad’s---------------to me was a nice book and an expensive pen.
    a. homework b. film c. present d. letter
    4. How do you think we can -------------------our parents for taking care of us?
    a. think b. thank c. tie d. throw
    5. Dinosaurs go back to the Stone ----------------
    a. years b. minutes c. Ages d. seasons
    6- Excuse me! Are you--------------- . or married?
    a. single b. double c. group d. family
    7- Life -----------------is rising in some Western countries, isn’t it?
    a. prices b. expectancy c. age d. customs .

    A. Write a Biography about King Faisal.
    Name Faisel Bin Abdul aziz
    born 1905/ Riyadh
    king 2/11/1964
    died 1975
    sons 44
    mother Tarfa
    wives Sultana / Effa t/ Haya

    choose the correct answer from a. b, c or d.
    1-Would you--------------- paint your old car?
    a. like b. liked to c. like to c. likes
    2. In Geography, we learnt--------------- valleys .
    a. about b. to c. because d. how to
    3. Did you----------------- to the party last night? Yes, I did.
    a. go b. going c. went d.. goes
    4. 1 like ------------------T.V. with my family.
    a. watch b. watches c. watching d. watched
    5. Do you think that all people can--------?
    a. swimming b. swam c. swims d. swim
    6. Deserts are --------------than mountains.
    a. hot b. hotter c. hottest d. more hot
    7. -------------------- your sister speak English? Yes, she does.
    a. Is b Does c. Do d was
    8. She should------------ on time or we will leave without her.
    a. comes b. came c. come d. coming
    9. Where does ----------------brother study?
    a. you b. your c. yours d. you’re
    10. Last week, we-------------------- take an exam.
    a. didn’t b. doing c. does d. don’t
    II. The weather is bad these days, but it will become--------------- soon.
    a. good b. better c. best d. more good
    12. I don’t------------ up late..
    a. get b. got c. getting d. gets
    13. He is ------------------now. Would you call him later?
    a. sleep b. slept c. sleeping d. have slept
    14. 1 couldn’t buy a new car---------------- I hadn’t enough money.
    a. but b. because c. so d. instead
    D. Re-order to make meaningful sentences.
    I. walks/ the/He/slowly/in/dark/ usually
    2. people / Most watching / sunset. / like / the /

    4 heavily/ rain /it/last/Did/night?
    5. Math! have/ then/ IT/ We/.
    6. 1 / visit/ grandparents/ Sometimes / at/ the / weekends my /.
    C. Choose the correct answer from a. b. c or d.
    1. Salim was absent today, ----------------- he missed the exam.
    a so b. but c. because d. and
    2. Last year, she to London to learn English
    a. travels b. travel c. traveled d. traveling

    3 ---------------------you help your mother at home last weekend?
    a. do b. did c. does d. doing
    4 Do you pray everyday? Yes, I ------------------.
    a. did b. doing c. do d. does
    5. The students like watching plays ---------------reading books.
    a. so b. but c. because d. and
    6. We go ---------------------every weekend.
    a. shop b. shops c. shopped d. shopping
    7. Everybody in class worked hard,------------- they got high marks.
    a. so b. but c. because d. sow
    8. Some birds can not-------------------
    a. flies b. fly c. flew d. flying
    9. Ahmad often-------------- to school by bus.
    a. go b. going c. goes d. will go
    10. Deserts are than coasts.
    a. dry b. drier c. dryer d. more dry
    11. The boys are---------------- than the girls.
    a. fast b. faster c. fastest d. fasts
    12. We -------------------skiing now.
    a. is b. am c. are d. was
    13 We all enjoy----------------- T.V.
    a. watch b. watches c. watched d. watching
    14. I ------------------ for school.
    a never late am. b. late never am c. never am late d. am never late
    15----------------pen do you want, the green or the black?
    a. Which b. Who c. Where d. When
    16. Hala-------------- her work by car.
    a to always goes b. always to goes c. always goes to d. goes always
    17. Does Ali------------------- in the mosque?
    a. prays b. prayed c. pray d. praying
    18. Sometimes, my father ------------to work by bus.
    a. go b. going c. gone d. goes
    19 Summer is -------------Spring.
    a. hot b. hotter c. hottest d. hotter than
    20. My teachers always------------------ me at school.
    a help b. helps c. helping d. were helped
    21. We always---------------- breakfast at 9:30 in our school.
    a. have b. has c. having d. have had
    22 Muslims never---------------- Pork.
    a. eats b. eating c. has eaten d. eat
    Choose the right answer:
    1- If I have enough apples, I ---------------an apple pie this afternoon.
    a) bake b) will bake c) baked
    2- I may fix your car if I ------------- a screwdriver.
    a) has b) will have c) have
    3- If I study hard, I ------------------the test.
    a) will pass b) will passing c) will to pass
    4How ____________ water do you drink every day?
    a) many b) much
    5- How ---------- cartons of juice you want to buy?
    a) many b) much

    6) If you smoke, you ------------terrible.
    a) would smell b) will smells c) will smell
    7) Research has ----------------- that apples can help stop cancer.
    a) show b) shows c) shown
    8We know that --------- vegetables are good for our health.
    a) a b) an c) the d) __
    9) Eat -------a day.
    a) an b) an c) the d) ___
    10) Dark chocolate may ---------- cancer.
    a) prevented b) prevents c) prevent
    11- Don't eat too --------------sweets.
    a) many b) much
    12- Don't eat too ---------------salt.
    a) many b) much
    13- How _________ cans of cola did you buy for the party?
    a. much b. often c. many d. far
    14- How _________cola can you drink?
    a. much b. often c. usually d. many
    15 - I have ____ friends.
    a. few b. little c. a little d. much
    16- I saw ____ films at the weekend.
    a. many b. little c. a little d. much
    17– Hamad wants ____ , he is thirsty.
    a. glass of water b. water glass c. water's glass d. a glass of water
    18 – My brother gave a ____ but it was empty.
    a. bottle of milk b. milk bottle c. can of milk d. milk can

    Write a paragraph about your favorite TV programmes
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    Write a paragraph about the effects of bad TV programmes on Children:
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    Write a paragraph about how to stay healthy and fit:
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
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